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Bristol Multi-Faith Forum is part of the Voice and Influence Partnership, bringing together The Care Forum (TCF), Bristol Multi-Faith Forum (BMFF), Bristol Older People’s Forum (BOPF), SARI, WECIL and BME Voice, to bring about positive change in local communities.

Make a difference to Bristol and the services that matter to you by becoming part of the new Voice and Influence Partnership. If you want to help shape the things that happen in our city, if you want to be influential and have your say, then this project is for you.

The Partnership has been set up to help make sure that individuals, groups and communities whose voices aren’t always heard are listened to. The partnership is especially for Bristol residents who:

  • are over 55;
  • belong to a faith group;
  • identify as disabled;
  • are from a minority ethnic group; or
  • identify as LGBTQ or other.

If you don’t live in Bristol or belong to one or more of these groups you can still join the partnership and we will send you our newsletter and updates on our work.

You can sign up online here or visit the project webpage here to find out more and request a paper copy.


Bristol Multi Faith Forum (BMFF) was established in 2004 following consultation with the city’s faith communities and community sector. The format for BMFF is one that has been developed through the feedback of the faith communities whilst also considering the wider city objectives in association with the Bristol Partnership, Safer Bristol and Bristol City Council.

During 2007 we became an independent body funded by the Council.

BMFF seeks to achieve its aims by:

  • Giving a voice for people of faith following a decade where faith has been greatly sidelined.
  • Serving as a Forum for Faith Communities to enter into dialogue with each other and with relevant organs of the statutory, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Developing and nurturing leadership in the faith communities, in partnership with those communities, in order to do the above and also to be a platform for focus on commonalities and shared objectives amongst the faiths.

With this is mind the Forum will seek to:

  • Promote the interests and concerns of the Faith Communities in the City of Bristol.
  • Provide representatives for, and participate in the decision-making of, citywide partnerships and other bodies where joint faith communities’ representatives are required by statutory or other agencies, or where faith community representation is optional and the Forum decides to participate.
  • Develop relationships with key people in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Maximise the take up of appropriate statutory and other funding by faith communities.
  • Encourage joint faith social action where practical to respond to opportunities and needs in the communities of Bristol.
  • Act as a body or channel for consultation by statutory and other bodies who are seeking the views of faith communities.
  • Work in collaboration with the Bristol Inter Faith Group and “The Inter Faith Network UK’ where appropriate.
  • Promote intra-faith and inter(multi)-faith dialogue.
  • Support the development of faith forums, or similar bodies, for each faith community.
  • Be active in influencing policy and providing responses to government and other consultations.

The Forum is not exclusive. Individual faith groups and establishments are welcome to be involved. However, we do have an objective to establish forums for the larger denominations in order to give a united voice. The first of these, the Muslim Forum, has already been established and is functioning.