The work of the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum

Our latest Annual Report can be read here, giving news about our recent work. Our latest news magazine was published in December 2016. It is our Winter News Magazine and gives an idea of the work we have been involved with over the past few months. Read it here.

In the last year the life of the Bristol Multi-Faith has provided a voice and vehicle for multi-faith dialogue  Much of this has to do with the work we have accomplished on building faith awareness: both internally and also in the wider world. For those who are active in the multi-faith environment, it can be surprising to realise that there are those for whom working with any faith can be a challenge. Similarly, we can fail to acknowledge that, for people active within a particular faith tradition, working with representatives and practitioners of other faiths is either necessary or possible. That however, is one important feature of the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum: to build bridges, and also to cross them.

We have been actively engaged this past year with local government in the city through our work with the city council’s community cohesion strategy, and also have been working at the grassroots, exploring the ways in which faith communities can engage with the big issues of our society. We have been public in advocating that there is still much to do to build greater community cohesion, but have also been looking for ways to ensure that faith communities can help to bring it about. This is one of the most important, and often unrecognised aspects of multi-faith work, and there are examples of how this work has been achieved in our annual report.