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  • BMFF ‘Health Awareness Day’

    Health Awareness Day 21 Oct 2012

    The event was organised in partnership with NHS Bristol and supported by the Sikh Resource Centre, The Dialogue Society, Bristol Refugees Women. The deal was BMFF to pay for activities and NHS Bristol to pay for the hire. The group supporting the event had to bring minimum of 5 women each from their respective groups and make a contribution to food. BMFF was to provide plates and soft drinks.

    We had over 50 women.

    The women were from following backgrounds :

    Somali Muslims

    African Muslims and Christians

    Turkish Muslims

    Tajik Muslim

    White British Muslims (converts)

    Indian Sikhs

    Indian Hindu

    White British

    NHS Bristol were able to do health checks on 13 women.

    Children enjoyed indoor athletics and got the taste of exercise. Women participated in 20 minutes aerobic exercise and showed much interest. Many of them clearly showed an interest in attending regular session.