Reflections from our Chair in light of the recent attack at Finsbury Park Mosque:

When ordinary people, going about the peaceful business of prayer in the quiet hours of the night, become the target of hatred and violence, we know that here is something very wrong, very broken.
From Bristol Multi Faith Forum, first, we send condolences to those who were hurt or bereaved in the attack on people as they left prayers at Finsbury Park Mosque. But also, send the assurance of solidarity with the Muslim community in Finsbury Park who have responded to the pain inflicted on them with calm dignity and a determination to see justice done.
It was utterly appalling to hear news of this attack. Even more so that this attacker seems to have acted alone. It exposes a deep undercurrent in our society, a brokenness, that emerges as hate and violence. And it damages us all.
The profoundly important task of religion, of all religions, is to teach people how to live well, to be peaceful, respectful and to take responsibility for shaping the society we live in. ‘Love your neighbour’ … is a common teaching in all faith communities. Our society, our neighbourhoods and the people of our mixed and multi-cultural country need to hear this simple message from all faith communities at this time.
‘Love your neighbour’ …. all of our neighbours, whoever they are. It is the only way we’ll bring the healing that can change the way we live. As faith communities, we must never give up on this message and this way of life.
Revd Tracey Lewis
Bristol Multi Faith Forum