‘Local and International News: Coming together to understand recent news items and our diverse responses.’

This is a Bristol Multi-Faith Forum Open Meeting, to start a conversation around this important issue.  Please join in this important conversation. All are welcome. We will explore questions as a group and in smaller groups, such as:

* How do we respond locally to hate crimes especially to racial and religious hate crimes?

* How do we respond to conflict overseas especially in the Middle East/Africa?

* How can we stand together across diverse communities and avoid importing the conflict to Bristol?

* How can we protect our community members from both extremist and ‘far right’ ideologies?

* What more can we do in terms of constructive responses?

* Who else needs to be part of these conversations?

Bristol Multi-Faith Forum is actively encouraging people from diverse faiths and ethnicities to help shape the Forum’s priorities with regard to community engagement, interaction, peace-building, removing hate crimes from our city and cooperation between and across all communities. For more information and to confirm your attendance, please contact Farzana Saker on 07834 812663 (mobile) or email info@bristolmultifaithforum.org.uk

To see a flier click here. To see a letter from Avon and Somerset Police on recent international events click here.